Martijn Michel was born at 28 September 1983. At younger age he played piano but when he was 15 he got in touch with the guitar for the first time. His first teacher was Marcel Hustings who taught him several fingerstyle techniques and songs.

At the start of 2005 Martijn decided to chase his dream and live for music and creativity. He came in contact with guitarist Tommy Emmanuel and started tolearn his songs, after about 2 years and having studied at the Djam in Amsterdam he was accepted to the conservatory of Utrecht which he finished in 2012.

Since Martijn picked up the guitar he has composed several original tunes on fingerstyle guitar and in the pop/jazz genre and produced an album with his band Follow Alice. He has done performances on small and bigger stages and in different settings. Next to that he teaches guitar at his private business Tocado Music.

Martijn has a high motivation because he believes everyone can reach anything he/she longs for, as long as you go for it 100% to reach it.